Friday, July 24, 2015

It's all about taking compliments the right way

Yesterday morning while getting ready to go to the library, Ian wandered in the bathroom while I was curling my hair.

      "Momma, you're hot like LAVA."

 I preened a little.

       "Why, thank you. That is so sweet."

He jumped from rug to rug for a minute then looked up.

      "You know, how lava spreads and gets bigger?"

Just quit while you're ahead, son.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

How time flies!

This past week was our annual pilgrimage to Texas. We attend David's family reunion and then stay the next week with his parents before attending a church meeting. The church meeting revolves through 3 different churches, each church taking a year. This year, it was at a church near Cuero, Texas. I have been waiting for this particular trip because I wanted to recreate a photo a dear friend of ours took of Lillie when she was a toddler. She was wearing a stars and stripe dress and sitting on top of one of those droopy Texas trees, I believe they are Live Oaks.

I was so excited Saturday. I dressed Elsie in the same dress and we headed out to church. Only to have her get car sick and throw up right before we arrived.

Drat and frustration.

We swung by Walmart and grabbed a new dress. After morning services and lunch, I had my sister-in-law take the photo with her phone. Wouldn't you know I forgot my good camera? We plopped her down on the same limb, with the same benches in the background. I found myself wondering where the time goes and wishing I could grab hold and make it stay fast.

I look at Lillie in the photo and I look at her now. It makes me realize that before I blink, Elsie will be a grown up little lady and my days of having a tiny person around will be over. How bitter sweet that thought is! But I wouldn't want my kids to never grow up, to never have adventures and learn life lessons. A mother's heart wants to protect her babies always but that is not truly protecting. The best way I can help my children is to give them room to grow, lots of good love and sunshine, and wholesome food, both physical and spiritual. And then give them as many kisses and hugs as I can in the meantime. Which, if you will excuse me, I am off to do right now.