Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Setting the Mood

I have stumbled upon a wonderful new website for music. In that past I have been a Rdio fan but it has been dethroned. Songza is it's name and it is my new love. What I think is brilliant is that they categorize music by mood or activity. For instance, they have music for "Cooking Italian Food" or "Relaxing on the Back Porch". My personal favorite is "Rainy Day Music". It has some great jazz tracks. 

Check it out tonight. It is a fun way to set the tone for the day. 

...and I am not getting paid to say that, by the way. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

10 Things

1. My oldest has informed me that she no longer wants to listen to kiddie song CD's at night. She only wants old radio shows, specifically Jack Benny. My heart is proud. We raised her right.

2. Family is a wonderful thing. I mean that, not in the sappy Hallmark card sense, but in the true can-you-imagine-a-life-alone sense. I am truly thankful for all my family on both sides.

3. The munchkin has started wearing pull-ups. Not because she is potty training, but because I keep finding her on the potty stark naked. Or better yet, I see her come running out naked after "taking care of things". Thus the pull-ups. At least they might cut down on my diaper bill.

4. Shoes are expensive. Way, way too expensive. But they protect a very important part of the body so I guess it is worth it. How do large families do it? I can hardly keep 3 of them in footwear. The 19 Kids and Counting family must spend a small fortune.

5. My Darlin' Man made it home in time for supper tonight. That is an abnormality around here lately. It was wonderful to have a normal, family meal.

6. We should stop to recognize when even a small prayer is answered. I had been feeling weighed down today. We have had a lot on our plate; financially, emotionally, physically. And I had a small melt down. I cried and cried. I was depleted and just needed some ray of hope. I prayed that there would be something positive happening soon! We needed something that is good and comforting, And the above happened. David made it home for supper. A small thing, yes. But a gigantic armful of comfort for a soul that needed it.

7. It has rained since Friday. And it is now Tuesday. You do the math.

8. The boy keeps telling me how "when I am grown up, I will have my own big truck like Daddy and you Momma, you can ride in the carseat in the back 'cause you get smaller as I get bigger." If he only knew how true that will be.

9. My iron has died. It seems like one appliance after another is biting the dust. I predict the can opener will be the next to go. It has been coughing and hacking for months now, but has clung to life so far. When I use it, it sound like a machine gun going off, no exaggeration. But the Grimm Reaper is hovering, I can tell.

10. My Darlin' Man keeps getting more handsome every day. I know he will roll his eyes at this, but it is true.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Momma For Hire!

The fact that we are camera-less is killing me! I mean guilt-eating-a-massive-"I-am-missing-out-on-all-these-crazy-moments-and-they-will-be-lost-for-ever!"-hole in my gut. So...if you have odd jobs for a wild eyed lady with three kids in tow, I am now saving up for a new camera. I might as well set a good example for Lillie since she is a spender, not a saver. Just like her Momma.

Why can't they be more like David in that respect? I love that about him. What must it be like to just not want anything? At any given moment, I can list off twenty things that I want/need/don't have. But he is also better at being contented than I am so maybe that has something to do with it. He is a simple man with simple needs. Sheesh! Can you imagine what our marriage would have been like if we both were like me?

It makes me shudder just a little. And grateful for the Providence of a kind Lord who knew what I needed in my life and gave it to me. Namely, my Darlin' Man.