Wednesday, March 25, 2015

"8" - Part Two

Eating our supper on the ground like cowboys. 

I found this cutie hiding in the corner of a photo. 

For Aunt Kat - because she loves Roy. 

Pin the Tale on Trigger

 Since Lillie is the birthday girl, we declared Audrey the winner!

Could these boys be related?

This girl makes the best present faces. 

"8" - Part One

The traditional candle breakfast

Dinner at the Mexican Restaurant

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Blood in the Night

Notice: If you are queasy, don't read on.

I am just grateful I was the one that saw it. I was serving Elsie breakfast when Ian came stumbling in the kitchen, hair on end, eyes cracked open. I gathered him up for a warm snuggle and kissed his cheek, noticed it tasted strange and then took a good look at him.

His cheek was speckled with red dots. And then I noticed his hand. It was dark red and covered with dried blood.


"Did you have a bloody nose last night?"

"I dunno."

We go to the bathroom and wash his hands and face. I check his bed and his pillow and sheets are splattered with wine colored spots. This was an epic nosebleed. I strip the bed and throw it in the washer. We head off to breakfast and I actually thought to myself "That wasn't SO bad." You see, I have a nephew who has set new standards in the area of nightly nosebleeds. So I have seen photos of much, much worse.

We finish breakfast, start school and the babies run off to play.

I am stripping all the beds (if I have to wash one I might as well wash them all) when I hear Lillie holler "GROSS!" Ian is standing in the living room when I walk in. He smiles at me and it looks like he has a mouth full of rotten teeth. I instantly assume another bleeder, this time from the mouth.

Oh no. No such luck.

It was dried blood caked all over his teeth.




I had to get my fingernails and *gag* scrape the blood off of his teeth because his toothbrush couldn't remove it. Who knows how much of it he swallowed during the night.

Motherhood is not for the faint of heart. There are no other people on the planet for whom I would scrape dried, gooey, stretchy strands of blood off of their teeth. If you are not my child, you can just take care of it yourself.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Now, where was I?

Since last we spoke, I was planning our monthly dates. But a lot has happened between now and then. So I must review...


We were in Texas for Christmas so our date was leaving the kids with the grandparents and going to see the last Hobbit movie in theaters. We also were given skydiving lessons for Christmas! So that sort of counts as a date. I will post the IFly videos separately.


We went to hear the Symphony of Northwest Arkansas. It was inspiring. The theme was fairy tales and the fist piece they played was Scheherazade. I have never heard a live performance that moved me more. This was also David's first symphony so that made it even more special. It is always fun to dress up in heels and go out late at night with your husband. It reminds you that he is more than just the provider for your family or the father of your children. He is your best friend and your love.

 The only down side was that it was FREEZING. And I, like an idiot, didn't wear hose. And we parked 3 blocks away. My legs felt like popsicles. My teeth were actually chattering when we made it to the van. Oh yes, we drive the van on dates. We are SO cool. We stopped and grabbed Hardees on the way home because it was 11 pm and our stomachs were growling.


My first Razorback basketball game. I was able to get cheap tickets through Lillie's 4-H program. Wonderful weather this time, but again, we parked way, way away. I mean about a mile. And I, trying to look all cute for my hubby, wore little flats. By the time we made it to the arena, I was limping. Nickel sized blisters were forming on my pinkie toes. It was all right through the game, but I had to walk all the way back afterwards. I seriously considered just talking my shoes off and walking barefoot but that was a long way on trashy asphalt. I figured I would be letting myself in for more damage with germs and cuts than just toughing it out with the blisters.

This is our first couple selfie. And we are terrible at it. I mean, we took a photo of the trash cans. Not the giant Razorback sign, or the crowds of people, or the campus. 

The trash cans. 

We are SO cool. 

We actually had TWO dates in February. But we are counting the second one as our March date so we technically didn't break our budget. By the benevolence of my brother and his long-suffering wife, we got to see Camelot! In truth, they had bought the tickets for themselves but work interfered and they gave them to us. And just so they know, we absolutely enjoyed ourselves.

This photo is from the Walton Art Center promos. 

And by the way, this time I learned my lesson and just had David drop me off at the door.
My feet thank me.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Wanted: Dead or Alive

Lillie's 8th birthday party was a Roy Rogers theme. We had a photo booth corner for the kids and it was a success! They really had fun with playing the part. 
Even some of the adults went along with it. 

 (I had to post two of Eily because she was hilarious.)

I look exactly like my father in this photo. Green genes run strong. 

Monday, March 2, 2015

Old Age

I have had reading glasses for about 4 years now. I really don't wear them except for when I have a headache and am trying to read or look at a computer screen. But yesterday the fact that I might need to start wearing them all the time hit home.

I was on a city government website and across the top of the page were a bunch of tabs for the different sections; Utilities, Parks and Recreation, Local Attractions, etc. And one caught my eye.

Your Defected Officials and the Disillusions They Oversee


Read it again. Same thing.


I went and put on my glasses and came back to the desk.
 Your Elected Officials and the Divisions They Oversee. 
Makes much more sense.

But to be completely honest, I kind of like the first one better.