Thursday, January 7, 2016

Well, hello old friend.

I realize that it has been a while since we have chatted. I sort of fell off the blog bandwagon but my rule of thumb is "if life gets too crazy, eliminate the non essentials". And a blog is a nonessential. Now, don't get offended. I am not saying that you are of no importance to me. I actually love our brief meetings here in my little world. I love sharing the highlights and low lights of our day. But real life comes first. So when ever you don't hear from me in a while, just assume that my life is wonderfully overflowing with friends, family, kids, husband, school, babysitting, exercising, cleaning, ironing, laundry, tutoring, church, cooking, planning, chauffeuring, budgeting, and if I am very lucky, sleeping.

So to get you up to speed quickly:

November- We had Family Day and Thanksgiving. School at home 4 days a week and away one day a week. Still babysitting Baby Bear 3 days a week. Trying to eat correctly and exercise. Started a "no sugar, no carb" challenge with Aunt Kat till Christmas. Took Ian's training wheels off and immediately realized our mistake. So back on they went until it is not so cold, because I am not standing in the freezing wind for hours every time he wants to go ride with Lillie. We will try again in Spring.

December- Actually made it through the challenge and lost 5 pounds. Woo-hoo! Aaaaaannnnnd then promptly gained two back over Christmas break. But I guess that was kind of the point. School break was lovely but oh boy did we need our routine back. Still exercising but not eating right. David has jumped on the healthy train and is now the same weight as me.  .....thrilling.....   We had a lovely Christmas at home with the kids and then packed everyone up to go to Gatlinburg, TN. We saw beautiful country, stayed in a 3 story lodge and played tourist for 4 days. The stay in Gatlinburg created precious memories with David's family. But the trip out there and back...let me just say that it requires its own post.

January- We went to bed at 11:30 New Year's Eve. We had just arrived home and to be honest, were so tired that we could not care less about what day it was. Sleep sounded so much better.
 David and I are both back to our goals of a healthier self. He is, as usual, skunking me. So to him I say "Tthbbhhttt". That is for you and your ridiculous self control. Is he tempted by brownies?
        "Noooooo." Does he miss a day of exercise?
        "Noooooooo." Does he crave sugar and bread and doughnuts and milkshakes and pizza and cinnamon rolls and rice with butter and all things good and wonderful?


Can you tell that I am a little frustrated? It's as if you were trying to be a humble and selfless person but had Mother Teresa for a room mate. But in all seriousness, I admire his self control, strength of character and focus on a task. He is a very single minded man.

I have started a daily doodle challenge on instagram. I close my eyes, scribble for a few seconds and then use that scribble to create a doodle, loosely based on the lines and forms already there. It is a good exercise in creativity. And I am hoping that by the end of the month, it will have put me in the habit of picking up my drawing pen every day. You can follow along if you want. They are tagged #doodlechallengelnm . You can even play along. Just post your doodle and tag it so I can see it.

We start basketball this month. This will be Lillie's second year and Ian's first. It promises to be hilarious. Have you ever seen my son jump? Then you know what I am talking about.

The dishes are calling and the babies have finished their oatmeal. They are now sitting on the couch giggling about a toy from an Arby's kids meal, of all things. So here's to a profitable day.

May your sugar cravings be nonexistent,
May your kids be well behaved,
May your coffee stay hot,
And may the Lord bless you and keep you today.

Much love,