Monday, September 29, 2014

Getting With The Times

I have discovered something that has rocked my literary world, people. 

Now, a normal trip to the library goes something like this. First, we pull up to the library in the van. I turn off the engine and turn around to face the passengers. 

     "Everyone give me your attention! What are the three rules? Behave, Be Quiet, and Be Calm. Anyone caught breaking the rules will have to face the consequences."

Three solemn faces nod vigorously. We climb out of the van, troop up the front door, walk inside and then it starts. 

The baby is the first to go. As soon as her feet hit carpet, she makes a beeline for the computer in the kid room. Even though they aren't allowed to play the computer at this library (mainly because there is only one computer and three kids so fights are inevitable), she doesn't really agree with that ruling. She pulls out the petite blue plastic chair, scotches up to the screen and chants "Puter! Puter! Puter!"

The boy is next. The kid room also hosts a large square toy like the ones they have in doctor's offices. You know, the ones with the balls on the wire loops? It also has a wheel on the side that you can spin and make multiple balls roll around and around, making a noise similar to someone spilling a bowl of marbles on a tile floor. Why they have this in a place that traditionally is supposed to be quiet, I don't know. The boy, after a momentary delay while he looks longingly at the computer and strokes its keys, heads straight to the toy and starts spinning the wheel around and around and around. 

The oldest curls up in a corner with a book, enjoying the solitude until the baby gets bored with the dead computer and decides to come over and try to insert her head between the book and the oldest's head. No malice intended, it's just that the eldest's book must be more interesting than any other book on the shelf, including the board books down on her level with the peek-a-boo flaps. 

While all this is going on, I am trying to find the books on my list for the next two weeks for both levels of school work. I usually just end up walking down every shelf with my head tilted to the side, ending up light headed after three or four rows. 

That was then. This is now. 

I have discovered that the library has a feature on it's online directory where you can look up and request books and, get this, they will call you when they are there and ready for pick up! They hold the requests for a week so all I have to do is go once a week, walk up to the desk and there they all are. A shining tower of the exact books I need for the next two weeks, without all the headaches. You can also place requests that become active at set future dates. 

Life is beautiful. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

There will be some more DIY in the future. I promise!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Dixon Street Bookshop

I finally found it. Someone else, not just myself, was so enthralled with this place that they made a movie of it's winding, never ending aisles of books. I really, really need to go there again. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


This morning I informed Ian that he was fixing to start cutting some new teeth. He looked concerned until I told him that he wasn't losing his current teeth, just getting more. He clapped his hands and squealed "You mean like at the Tooth Grocery Store?"

Friday, September 5, 2014

Fairly Worn Out

   This last week was the county fair. We haven't ever truly participated before. Last year Lillie entered a few crafts but we only went to drop off and pick up her entries. This year I was determined things would be different.

            We spent the week before the fair, thumbing through the Fair rule book to see what we could create in a few days. She ended up with a looped pot holder, a decoupage coaster, an ink drawing, a colored pencil drawing, a computer generated drawing, a pencil drawing and a paper collage. Here is how the week played out.

On our way to the fair that morning to meet our home school group for a field trip, I received a call that she had won an award for one of her entries and "Was she available to be at the award ceremony Friday night?' You bet!
            Since I wanted it to be a surprise, I didn't tell her about the award. We made our way to the Fine Art department of the Exhibit Barns and found her drawings. There on the side of her entry was a big fat double layered green ribbon! She hollered and jumped up and down. She had won Best 4-H Entry for her ink drawing of a fern frond.

After the excitement calmed down, we looked at all the animals; sheep, goats, chickens, cows, bulls, pigs, rabbits and turkeys. We saw one chicken that was so fluffy I thought it was a rabbit at first. I googled it and found out it is a Silkie chicken. Is is wrong to say I want one now?


Lillie and I had signed up to work the petting zoo at the fair with our 4-H group. David was available to watch the babies so off we went. It was hot and humid. The petting zoo tent was situated right between the Livestock Barns and the Midway and next to the Pig Races. We worked the zoo for about 2 and a half hours; watering the animals, filling up the fake cow with water so that kids could pretend to milk it, standing aimlessly by the fences while the calves sucked our fingers. I bonded with  Oreo, a little female goat. She was sweet and would nibble on my shirt while I scratched her head. 

Business was slow and we had more than enough workers, so we played hooky for a minute and went next door to watch the pig races. 4 tiny piglets would run around a small track for an Oreo prize. The announcer would walk through the crowd and pick a cheerleader for each pig. If your pig won, then you had to get out and dance. Of course Lillie was picked and of course her pig won. She was game however and danced, all be it hesitantly, and received a pig nose in return. 


We met David at the gates and went inside for the ceremony. Everyone brought camping chairs and sat in the Livestock Arena. Ian and Elsie were hungry and didn't appreciate the fact that they only fed the award winners, so off I went in search of food. Carnival Folk are making a killing on food. $8 for a small lemonade? Are you joking? I opted for the Cattleman's Assoc brisket instead. It was all right. 
An hour into the program and they hadn't gotten to Lillie's section yet. The babies were begging for more food and to tell the truth, I was hungry too. We checked with the 4-H agent and were told that Lillie's award would be one of the last. Since there were two tables of prizes still left, I had time to run out and get a funnel cake. I took Ian with me and we made it in record time. I walked back to our chairs to see Lillie taking a group photo with all the other winners, award in hand. 

I missed it! 

I couldn't believe it. After an hour of sitting in the heat and dirt, I missed it. David told me they called her name seconds after I walked out of the building. 

After the award ceremony was over, we watched the livestock beauty pageant, which basically is a bunch of animals in costumes. Then we watched our neighbor, a K-9 police Sergeant, be attacked several times and drug out of a car window by a German Shepherd as part of a police demonstration. I believe that was Ian's favorite part.

We had funnel cake, cotton candy, beans and cornbread, brisket sandwiches. We saw all kinds of farm animals and some exotic animals from the Safari farm. We came home with ribbons, cash prizes, balloons, a few Gideon bibles, red faces, sweaty clothes, the stench of manure and wonderful memories.

I am very glad that the fair is once a year. More than that might kill me.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014