Saturday, May 30, 2015

3 Things You Don't Know About Me

1.  I watch corny beach movies from the 60's. 
  That Darn Cat.
     Beach Ball.

    Any movie that has lots of surfing, beach parties, hot rods, and swinging boy bands. The worse the acting, the better. I do not watch these movies for intellectual content. Because there is none. 
The plot line usually revolves around a boy band trying to win the local competition, or a hot rod race or a surfing contest. Boy meets girl, boy and girl fight, boy and girl make up just in time to kiss at the end of the movie. You must also have a song every 10 minutes. And everyone comes running out of nowhere to dance on the beach. 

2. I rearrange furniture for a hobby. 
I was looking back at photos of our various homes through the years and realized in every Christmas photo, the living room furniture is different every year. And in my opinion, improved. 
My mother-in-law jokes that I rearrange her house every time we visit. 
Which is closer to the truth than you would think.  

3. I am not afraid of snakes, lizards or most reptiles. 
I don't know why. Maybe because I know I can out run or out maneuver them. 
The one exception to this rule is the Komodo Dragon at the Memphis Zoo. I recently went there on a girl's trip with my cousin. The bigger of the two lizards was sitting with it's nose up to the glass. I squatted down and sat nose to nose, eye to eye with it (mainly to get the goat of my cousin who hates reptiles and was barely staying in the room).

 It was fun at first but after about 60 seconds of staring into it's unblinking eyes, I began noticing some physical traits I had overlooked before. Like the bulging muscles on it's hind legs that are bigger around than my head. The armour-like skin that is probably bulletproof. The forked tongue flicking in and out, contrasting to the rest of the body that is statue still. I started to sweat a little. I knew that there was about 12 inches of glass between us, but the longer I stared into it's eyes, the less confidence I had in the construction crew that build the cage. I could feel the little hairs on the back of my neck stand at attention. It was remarkable to feel that primal urge to RUN. Every nerve and sensor in my body was telling me to flee and flee fast, while at the same time, my logical 21st century brain was telling me to ignore those signals because I was perfectly safe.

 I finally stood up. laughed at my cousin's squeamishness and started walking out of the reptile house. But I can't lie. I had the distinct feeling that it had somehow gotten out of the cage and was trailing along right behind me. You know that feeling as a kid when you have to go out of the house at night to take out the trash? You just feel the urge to pick up the pace a little bit on the way back inside? Well, I will admit that I was speed walking out of that building and the muscles in my neck didn't unclench for a good 20 yards. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Summer, here we come!

Today was the last day of school!!!!


            In truth, we finished our CC work several weeks ago but had a few weeks of math and spelling to finish. We (a.k.a. Lillie) worked hard and doubled up on a few lessons and finished today. 
She only missed one question on her final comprehensive math exam so I am extremely proud of her progress this year. When we started in August, math lessons produced copious amounts of tears and anguish of soul. Now, she flies through it with the confidence and ease of a season veteran. 

When I look back at our first year of home school, I am glad we made the choice to change. It was wonderful to all of us here at home during the day. We had flexibility to go and come as we needed to for our schedule. We had sun days instead of snow days off and met up other home school families for park play dates. It was a blessing sorely needed for our family. 

And now, so flashback photos for your viewing pleasure. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

7:56 PM

The windows are open as I wait for him to come home.
The backyard is freshly cut. 
The breeze is wafting in fragrances of grills and melodies of ice cream trucks. 
My kitchen is clean and quiet. 
The kids are piddling around the house.
I can hear the baby scolding her brother about some perceived transgression.
Condensation drips down my cup of cinnamon iced tea.
Miles Davis is playing Stella by Starlight.
A bluebird stands out starkly against the verdant green grass as he hunts for supper.
Dogs bark through the fences.
Crowds faintly cheer at the ballpark across the way.
Pigeons coo on the gables next door. 
The sky melts blue into pink.
The curtains move gently against the piano.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Currently I am...

eating on the Trim Healthy Mama food plan and have lost over 10 lbs and multiple inches.

enjoying the sensation of eating a cold smoothie while snuggling on a warm baby fresh from bed.

sleep deprived. Again.

planning outdoor gardening projects for whenever I have the ability to finance them.

obsessing over anything with palm trees and flamingos. Who knows why? I sure don't.

needing more color in my life. I want to paint wall, furniture and body parts (just kidding on that last one but for the first time I would seriously consider dying my hair)  Don't worry David, I won't.

pre-scheduling our summer. Making lists of places to go, things to do, people to see. Maybe you are on my list!

now shaking on the inside because the smoothie has dropped my body temperature much, much too low. Drat you, crushed ice!

thinking that I may have to go sit in a warm bathtub for 10 minutes to get warm again.

doing yoga with the kids every day. Or at least we try to every day. We all could use some more flexibility.

praying for wisdom in child rearing. Y'all, this just gets harder and scarier with each passing day. But also more rewarding.

wearing floral prints and bright colors.

wishing I hadn't cut my hair a few months ago. Now I will have to wait until it is longer again before I can braid it.

wondering what gremlin snuck in at night and deflated my pillows. They have all gone flat all of a sudden. It feels like I am using 3 cardboard boxes.

reeling from the sheer perfection that was my first chiropractic appointment. I had bones pop that needed to be popped for years.

wrapped in a quilt and the kids are laughing. What did that smoothie have in it, liquid nitrogen?

watching the Voice. Some of you may not like it but I enjoy sitting with my hubby, making bets as to who is getting kicked off. We have fun doing dumb things like that.

at war with the stickers in my backyard. For four years we were sticker free but now they have started their invasions. Form battle lines! Shoulder Arms! Fire!!

overcoming my fear of wasps. I have stood stone still, without running away screaming, while red wasps circled 'round my head. That is an accomplishment.

Friday, May 1, 2015


 Around here, we love to eat breakfast for supper. It shakes up the routine and manages to turn something so ordinary into something special and fun. 

There is drama, 



and these. 

Oh these pancakes. 
Fluffy, moist medallions of sunshine. 

We do love our pancakes. 
Can you see the adoring look on his face directed at me, The Bringer of Pancakes?
He definitely believes in kissing the hand that feeds him. 

Hot cakes.

Griddle cakes.

Johhny cakes

They are finger licking good. 

How tall can you go?




 I need this blown up and put next to my bed. 

A virile guy and food. 

Does it get better than this?

Hot cakes, indeed.