Wednesday, August 27, 2014

6 seconds

How to change someone'story

This is a great story.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

American History Stories

We have started to home school this year and have joined a group called Classical Conversations. I will write more about that later but I don't have time tonight, to be blunt.

For part of Lillie's history curriculum, she will be listening to the audio book of American History Stories by Mara L. Pratt. I think this will be a wonderful addition to the other parts of our history studies. But I was concerned about how much Lillie would retain since she is a very visual/tactile learner. Audio books can be hard for her at times. I googled and found an online PDF of the book so she can read along with the audio book and look at the illustrations. I hope that will help with her retention.

Here are the free links:

American History Stories by Mara L. Pratt audio book

American History Stories by Mara L. Pratt pdf

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Happenings Around Here

Yesterday was a fun filled day. First thing off the bat, Lillie had a haircut. She looks "like a 3rd grader". 

After lunch, we met Aunt B and the girls while they ran errands around town. 
                                                      We went into Kohls and Elsie fell in love.                                                          
 Meet "Na-na", who makes me laugh every time I see Elsie hauling her around by the neck.

Then late last night, this showed up on my computer. 
Once you click on the link, click on David's name.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

10 Things

1.Why do kids, without any prompting, turn the living room floor into a shark infested ocean and the chairs into islands of safety?

2.Why, when your kids stay up later then normal, do they get up earlier than normal the next morning?

3.I just noticed that Lillie pronounces Island "Is-Land".

4. I googled, diagnosed, treated, and hopefully saved my tomato plants tonight.

5. The kids LOVE 'I love Lucy'.

6. My camera died. *sob*

7. We are starting homeschooling this fall and my brain is about to explode. I realize that is an exaggeration but that is how it feels.

8. If David doesn't start getting more sleep, I'm going to have to slip him a Mickey Finn.

9. Speaking of tomato plants, I found out why Ian had little blisters on his skin. Blister Beetles!

10. Lillie gets a haircut tomorrow!