Tuesday, March 22, 2016

3 - 22 - 16

Spring break is here. I had initially made all these plans for our week, full of fun, going and doing. But then I got to thinking. I am constantly bemoaning the fact that we are never home without 30 obligations to keep us from getting this house under control, that the kids are never home without a schedule in play, that I need a break from "things to do". So this week instead, we are going to be home. Cleaning, playing, just being. We might go a few places around town, but not much more than that. I hope I have made the right decision.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Sister's Post

Two of my sisters blog, along with myself, and so we thought we might try doing a joint post from time to time. This is our inaugural post.  *round of applause*

Sarah asked us to list three of our favorite books from a time in our life. My list is three chapter books from when I was in elementary schoool. 

1. 'Young Deputy Smith' by Dale White
A story about a teenage boy who, feeling unappreciated at home, runs away to Dodge City. He meets and befriends the Earps and the Mastersons and learns what it means to take on the responsibilities of an adult. As the fifth of six children, I sympathized with his desire to not be treated as a child. It is a great book for both girls and boys of the late elementary years. 

2. 'Banner in the Sky' by James Ramsey Ullman

The story of a young boy's struggle with emotional and physical challenges. He must attempt to climb a treacherous mountain to honor the legacy of his father, while going against the pleas of his mother. It is a climatic ending, both literally and figuratively. 

2. 'Mandy' by Julie Andrews Edwards

The story of a young orphan's search for a family to love. Climbing over the wall of the orphanage, Mandy discovers an abandoned cottage, full of surprises and adventures but also difficult choices. Young girls will identify with Mandy's hope and dreams and it is perfect for an older elementary age student.