Saturday, May 31, 2014

DIY Ballet Flats

For a while now, I have been admiring this new trend of ballet flats. I saw a pair on a lady on Target and she informed me they were by Jessica Simpson. I googled them online and found that they were $70. Sheesh. After further research, I found another pair for over $400 dollars!

These are those crazy expensive flats. 

Since I don't have seventy dollars laying around, I decided to make my own. It was very simple and easy and cost about $10 total. 

The above photo was so, so difficult. I mean, I had to take at least one "ballet" pose in these shoes. So imagine this, I am standing on a picnic table, feet as straight as I can, then leaning way over to take a photo. I nearly fell over on my head. 


DIY Ballet Flats

  • Plain black flats - look for soft material 
  • 1 inch wide black elastic - I used two 16 inch long pieces
  • Black thread 
  • Needle and scissors

1. Put on the flats. Wrap the elastic around your ankle and position one of the ends inside your shoe. Hold with your fingers or use a clip while your slide your foot out of the shoe Sew the elastic in place. My shoes were suede so it was easy to push the needle through the shoe. 

2. Put the shoe back on and re-wrap the elastic around your ankle and position the elastic on the other side. Make sure the elastic is comfortably tight. It will stretch over time so you don't want it to get floppy too fast. This part is a bit trickier as you have to slide your foot out while keeping the elastic tight. 

3. Sew the opposite end to the shoe. I clipped the excess elastic off inside the shoe to about 1/2 inch long. I can't feel it when I have the shoes on so it doesn't bother me that it is loose and not sew down flat. If it bothers you, just tack down the ends.