Sunday, February 14, 2016

Where has all the silence gone?

Life has been non stop around here. Between school at home, school at CC once a week, ballet, two different basketball schedules, babysitting, and normal everyday responsibilities, we don't have many quiet evenings at home.

Which is why this past Saturday afternoon was lovely. We made it home from basketball games by noon, and then I took an hour and a half nap. After which I felt like a new woman. And I realized, as I stood in the kitchen making chicken enchiladas, that the house was calm and quiet for the first time in weeks. David was on the computer working, the kids were playing on the living room floor and there was not much talking going on.

I forget how important silence and calmness are for peace of mind. You need the empty moments to let your brain decompress. Not to mention, the chance to actually think thoughts, ponder life, contemplate your family and blessings. I am making a mental note to schedule in more quiet time and less other stuff. And so I challenge you. Take a moment to just be.

No television.
No radio.
No Instagram.
No Facebook.

Just find a monotonous household chore and do it in absolute silence.

And let your mind stretch its bound muscles.